Looking for New Members for the Distinguished Speakers Board!

Thank you to everyone who has followed our student group this far. We really appreciate your support. If you have always been interested in joining the Distinguished Speakers Board, then this is your opportunity to work with a talented group of students on bringing some of the world’s most esteemed people to our campus to inspire students and provoke thought.

As a member of the board you will be directly involved with the speaker selection process as well as planning the logistics surrounding such large-scale events. It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved on campus and make many new friends along the way!

The only requirements we have for members is that you are a current University of Colorado Boulder student, you can attend our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6pm, and that you’re passionate about working on impactful campus events!

To apply for a position, we ask that you email your resume to dsbchair@gmail.com and in the email body, include your response to the following questions:

1. Why are you interested in joining the Distinguished Speakers Board?

2. What unique attributes can you bring to the board?

3. If you could choose one person, who would you bring to speak on campus?

4. What is your graduation date?

The deadline for applications is Wednesday September 10th at 5pm

If selected, we will be holding brief follow-up interviews over the next few weeks. Interviews will take place on Wednesdays between 5pm and 7pm.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Irfan Nadiadi, Chair
Ryan Breuer, Vice Chair
Liza Romanov, Chief Financial Officer
Mark Haselmaier, Public Relations Director
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